Eclipse™ II
Express™ II
• Frame & Top• 4 - Dura-Lon Sidewalls
• Roller Bag • Stake Kit
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Products and Accessories

Soft Signs Inflatable Advertising Inc. provides you with a wide variety of products to bring your Brand to life and to be noticed by all. Our selection includes various types of Inflatables, the greatest form of portable media, enabling your brands to stand out in any environment. From Billboard inflatables "air sculptures" to the $100 6ft inflatable unit that contains a battery operated self-inflating system to the P.O.P (point of purchase) inflatable that captivates the retail environment with a low Cost Per Thousand.

As an Authorized Dealer of E-Z UP®, Soft Signs Inflatable Advertising Inc. is also the distributor of all E-Z UP® products and accessories. E-Z UP®, “The #1 Best Selling Instant Shelter® in the World™", provides portable shelters, flag systems, tables and chairs for off-site promotions. Completely customizable, E-Z UP® Shelters™ gives you and your brand a professional presence as well as a practical working arena.

Also, complete your Brand’s experience with Electroluminescent Electric Paper. Electric paper is one of the lasted innovations in portable effective signage. As the name suggest, it is a substrate that is paper-thin that illuminates like a light box that is also animated. The product is so flexible it can be used on mediums such as Billboards, car wraps, in store signage, right through to wearable promotions. Electroluminescent Electric Paper brings your Brand to life with an identity that cannot be beat. 

All of our products distributed at Soft Signs Inflatable Advertising Inc. are designed for the Best effect on your Brand's identity and awareness!!

E - Z UP Instant Shelters

Electroluminescent Signs