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International E-Z UP®, Inc. invented the portable, quickly erectable shelter in 1983 and created a successful business with a worldwide quality reputation and recognition. For nearly two decades, as the continued industry leader, E-Z UP® has been first in innovation, quality and customer satisfaction in over 50 countries. The proof of innovations lies in the numerous worldwide product patents the company holds, over 30 and growing. One of the keys to success has been the commitment to company-wide values.

Big or small, Ez-up® Shelters are helpful at any event or place where you want your brand or name to be seen in the best way possible. Ez-up® Instant Shelters continue to be an industry leader, with over 30 global product patents held – delivering high quality advertisement in over 50 countries and serving top of their industry leaders such as: Coca-Cola™, Best Buy™, UPS™, Chevrolet™, The New York Times™, Banana Boat™ and Virgin Mobile™. Ez-up® Shelters ensure that extensive, appealing and memorable visibility that any type of business or individual would want when located front-and-center of the public eye. The shelters also offer shade and protection from the rain – drawing the crowds to your spot during those weathered outdoor campaigns. Your employees or other representatives will also benefit from the added shelter, and a happy representative leads to a happy and lucrative outcome for you and your company. Ez-up® tents are also true to their product name and are incredibly easy to assemble, ensuring a no hassle advertisement event. You take it out of its case, and pop it up – it really is just that ‘E-z’! When popped up, the shelters ascend into a bold canopy of marketing presence that people cannot help but look at when browsing through those isles at industry events when they are looking for where they want to stop and grab a break from the rays, the rain, or simply just to hover, chat and check out what you have to offer. High-grade Fabric Options: Ez-up® Instant Shelters are made with a high-grade canvas that is fire resistant according to the standards and qualifications of code CPAI-84. The canvas is also water resistant, and coated in such a way so as to prevent the growth of mildew and to block out those dangerous ultraviolet sunrays. There are over 20 colors and patterns to choose from – giving you the opportunity to choose just exactly how you want your brand to stand out from all of the others. You can choose from subtle and soft tones to give a light and welcoming vibe or choose deep and seductive colors to have a bold and irresistible presence. The canvas is your medium to display your brand the way you believe it most deserves. 

Cutting Edge Graphic Design Options:Ez-up® Instant Shelters received international recognition when the company won the “Gold Award” for Digital Printing and Design at the International Golden Image Competition held by the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association Expo in Orlando, USA. 

What does this mean? This means that Ez-up® Instant Shelters employs some of the best graphic and printing designers in the field, who ensure that each canvas meets company standards – standards that have been proven to meet and exceed international industry expectations. There are several design options in terms of custom imprint sizing: small, medium, large and digital – ranging from subtle tent accents to full canvas displays, stretching the whole surface of your canopy. You can also decide whether you want your logo or branding to be digitally designed right into the canvas infrastructure or whether you would like to have your branding imprinted in various places onto the canvas. The canvas is yours to manipulate into the best possible representation of your brand – enabling you to work with Ez-up graphic designers to create the visibility best suited to satiating your branding desires. 

Ez-up® offers different options in terms of what type of tent would best fit your company or personal needs: 


The professional line of Ez-up® Instant Shelters are designed and manufactured by highly qualified engineers and design technicians. They are incredibly durable, and there are several options in terms of design, size and visibility. You can choose from several design options; including, the “number one best selling shelter world-wide” – Eclipse II, with a simplistic and effective design and portability; or, the Hub – a six-sided hexagonal shaped shelter giving you the maximum range of visibility; or, one of the many other professional designs. 


The commercial line of Ez-up® Instant Shelters are professionally designed to suit the needs of smaller businesses and vendors who are looking for ways to better market themselves so as to promote company growth and expansion. They are lightweight and durable, offering a sensible solution to mobile and multi-use marketing needs. You can choose from several design options; including, those offered in the professional line and the Enterprise II; enabling you to choose the best option for the needs of your quickly growing business. 


Ez-up® Instant Tents are designed in such a way that they are very flexible in terms of their application and usage. As a result, Ez-up® offers a recreational line as well, for those more casual marketing needs or for personal usage; perfect for small businesses and vendors, support for your favorite sport team, quick and effective promotions or to have handy to shelter that very large family gathering that you didn’t quite anticipate. 

Luxury Tents: 

To hold true to company promises of efficiency and flexibility Ez-up® Instant Shelters also offers a Luxury line, intended to offer quick and effective options for those very large company or family events; with designs that are elegant and sophisticated, proving to be a preferable and solid option for weddings or corporate balls and other catered events. 

Accessorizing to Increase Your Visibility: 

If you want the presence of your campaign to be as expansive and collaborative as possible, then you may also be interested in the further marketing options that Ez-up® Instant Shelters offers to accentuate your company tent. You can choose from numerous flag and banner designs, intended to give that extra direction and visibility of your business to the crowds circulating the shows and events where your company is presented. You can also liven up your tent by adding a backing, sidewalls and rail-skirts, to allow for more coverage of your brand and logo; or, to gain more shelter from the rain and sun, thereby encouraging traffic to your tent for those who want to get out of the rain or the burning rays. 

Want to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your new Ez-up® Instant Shelter?

Ez-up® offers an array of other accessories intended to make the use of your tent even better suited to the mobility and visibility needs of your company. You can get “director chairs”, tables and table covers branded with the design that you worked on with Ez-up®’s leading design technicians; again, increasing the visibility of your brand. Or, you may want to choose casing or bags that will increase the longevity of your instant shelter by helping with proper storage and transport; enabling you to make the most out of your investment, by making use of the marketing benefits your tent offers for a longer period of time.

Soft Signs is a Canadian distributor of EZ Up products.

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E-Z Up Shelter Setup
Eclipse II 10x10 Shelter
Eclipse II 10x15 Shelter
Eclipse II 10x20 Shelter
Hub 16x16 Shelter
Hut II 10x10 Shelter
Speed Shelter II 8x12 with car
P.O.P. II 5x5 Shelter
P.O.P. Lite 4x4 with Half Peak top
P.O.P. Lite 4x4 with Kiosk top
P.O.P. Lite 4x4 with Gable top
Sierra II 10x10
E-Z Up Blade Plus Pro Flags
Teardrop Pro Flag
Eclipse II 10x10 Shelter with Blade Pro Flag
Instant Table 2x2 Setup
Instant Table 2x4
Instant Table 2x2 with Shelf
E-Z Up Leg Toggle System
Instant Table Wheel Attachment
Eclipse II 10x10 Shelter & Instant Table Setup
Instant Table 2x2 with cover
Instant Table 2x4 with Cover
E-Z Up Folding Vendor Table
Vendor Table Cover
E-Z Up Standard Directors Chair
E-Z Up Tall Directors Chair
Directors Chair Custom Seat Pannels
E-Z Up Deluxe weight Bag
Eclipse II 10x10 Shelter Modular Setup