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Customize Your E-Z Up Tent

Let Soft Signs help you design an incredible E-Z UP Tent for your next event

 You’ve worked hard to brand your company…

Since 1986 Soft Signs has worked with hundreds of clients to make their marketing dreams a reality.  Soft Signs is an authorized dealer of E-Z Up Tents; we also produce branded flags and innovative inflatables. From working closely with our clients, we have developed a deep understanding of all the hard work that goes into creating a successful business and developing a strong brand presence in the marketplace. Whether your company is taking part in a trade show or an event where you are showcasing your product Soft Signs can work with you to make sure your company stands out.

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Barb Cobbledick
Soft Signs Fire Rated Fabric

At Soft Signs we take the safety of our clients and their customers very seriously, therefore we are proud to offer fire rated fabric on all E-Z Up products. While there is no Canada wide regulation on the fire proofing of fabric used in display materials, the Ontario Ministry of Labour and more and more fire inspectors are asking for evidence that fabric and other material have been treated to prevent fire….

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