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Soft Signs Fire Rated Fabric

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At Soft Signs we take the safety of our clients and their customers very seriously, therefore we are proud to offer fire rated fabric on all E-Z Up products. While there is no Canada wide regulation on the fire proofing of fabric used in display materials, the Ontario Ministry of Labour and more and more fire inspectors are asking for evidence that fabric and other material have been treated to prevent fire.

More and more event spaces are requesting evidence of fire-proofing before you can set up your display — and fire inspectors can also ask for documentation that your display is up to provincial standards. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. All E-Z Up fabric products are certified to Canadian standards and each one has a label right on the item with the certification number to prove it.

If you are planning to add an E-Z Up Tent to your next event or trade show we ask you to get in touch to learn more about this valuable product feature. Contact Us