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 E-Z Up Vantage Instant Shelter: How To Set Up

Our Vantage™ shelter goes up quickly and easily, making it the ideal solution for selling, promoting, and competing in style.
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E-Z Up Instant Shelter - ENTERPRISE SHELTER: How-To Set Up!

Our Enterprise™ shelter goes up quickly and is an upgraded commercial product ideal for promotions, events, and marketing events.
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E-Z UP® Eclipse™ Shelter: How-to Set Up

Even with a heavy-duty frame and professional-grade materials, our Eclipse™ shelter goes up in seconds!
This shelter is one of our most popular and ideal for small and large businesses alike.
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E-Z UP® Dome® Shelter: How-to Set Up

Our Dome® shelter is E-Z to set up and has superior wind resistance with its vented peak and flexible composite fiber rods.
This shelter is a must-have for that day at the beach, sporting event, picnic, or other outdoor activities.
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E-Z UP® Eclipse™ Shelter: How-to Take Down

Our Eclipse™ shelter can be taken down in just seconds! Our one-piece frame makes take down E-Z and stress-free.

E-Z UP: UP for Everything!

Whether you're on the beach, own a small business, or are on the sidelines, E-Z UP has you covered!
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